Tobias Renström
Interaction design
Made for desktop
Made for desktop
Interaction design.
Interaction design often acts as the glue, meshing software together with mockups as one complete unit. It’s all of those lovely, small details that make an interface seamless to use. Unfortunately, this has a tendency to land between the chairs of design and engineering.

I love good interaction design ❤️ it’s why I got in to this game in the first place. Here’s a recent showcase to explain how I like to think about it.
Dropset · Streamlining a frequent workflow
In the app Dropset, there was a need to be able to frequently navigate from one detail view to the next. Normally, this means traversing back up the view hierarchy, to select the next item in a list.
But, navigating back and forth can quickly become tiring. What was needed was something to smoothen out the workflow. I extended the vertical arrangement from the list, and brought that forward to the detail views. And then let people navigate from one detail view to the next.
Adding a button for it didn’t feel entirely connected to the action. A pull gesture, up to a certain threshold, after which you get a haptic indication, then release - felt pretty spot on.
The result is a natural way of moving through a sequence of exercises, using one simple gesture.